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    Publication: Extension Bulletin




    Publication: Extension Bulletin

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  21. The MS clients that come supplied with NT 4 will not work. You will need to download the Novell supplied client from the main Novell Website:

    This version contains a major UI and browsing revamp, enabling servers and volumes to be browsed and checked without needing a drive to be mapped.
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  33. Grip is a free video player for Windows, based on the GTK# technology. It has many features and qualities that its widespread rivals miss. For example, it is often fast and it has a very clean code. It also supports all standard Windows video files.

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    cisco application visibility and targeting a specifc user

    Our application visibility works fine for Cisco devices outside of our company, HOWEVER, when the Cisco is within our company I can see traffic going through to them, traffic going from them and even being logged into the console.
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  39. VirtualProtectEx is a small, lightweight kernel mode application that can protect memory pages or entire disk partitions.

    Looking at the simple usage concept, VirtualProtect works like this:

    Windows kernel allocates memory;

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    The VirtualProtectEx API doesn’t work to change the protection on disk partitions.
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