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  1. Peter Forsberg

    I am a 34 year old multi-instrumentalist/songwriter from West Nova Scotia, Canada. I’m making music because I love it and it’s what I do. I play everything… piano, various guitars, ukelele, drums, and won’t pass up the opportunity to sing vocals if the audience asks. I play music in coffee shops, jams in bars, coffee shops, and anywhere that people are willing to have a listen.

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  2. Q:

    Is there a spreadsheet I can use to keep my data for my PHP app in?

    My team has recently been tasked to make a basic web application that shows people information about each other, help them find who is friends with who, etc. We’ve been brainstorming ways to house the information and keep it neatly organized. The best solution we have so far is a spreadsheet, but that will be just for textual data. Our problem lies in the fact that, sadly, we have no access to any type of database (we are using PHP/MySQL). I was wondering if anyone

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  3. What are you waiting for, then? Get it!easyblock = ’ConfigureMake’

    name = ’perl’
    version = ’5.26.1’

    homepage = ”

    description = ”””
    Perl is a programming language originally designed to
    power the standard GNU tools. This includes grep, sed, sort,
    awk, diff, etc. Perl is designed so that it can

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  4. clipboard+ automatically copies images and hyperlinks to the clipboard.
    Did you know that clipboard+ also captures and saves screenshots of your desktop, web pages, web transactions and any other graphical element on your Windows screen? Invoke it with a hotkey, click the icon in the notification area, or select ”Take Screen Shot” from the context menu! It’s super easy to use. Just enter a name for this capture and it will save the screenshot with the specified filename with the latest

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  5. is an easy to use email sender that will allow you to send email from your desktop.
    · You can select your ISP account when entering your email settings. Email send to an ISP’s IP address will be blocked.
    · Old email messages stored on your desktop can still be sent.
    · When stored locally, you can create a new session to login from. is an easy to use email sender that will

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  6. If you need to enhance larger images, this program is worth a try. If you invest some money, you can get TripleShot, which is a similar, albeit more versatile, application offering support for the most common image dimensions, resampling modes, edge enhancement, color depth and more. However, you need to pay $24.95 for a one-time upgrade (if you already have a license, it will be a free download of 1.5 million images).Q:

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  7. There are currently 9 audio CD track types recognized by fooCDtect, as listed below:

    Pictures/Carousels: This sub-type includes CDJs and special CDs with snapshots/animated images.
    Photos/Vector Graphics: Graphics tracks with high-quality vector graphics and images.
    Pictures/JPEG: Images encoded as JPEG files.
    Pictures/BMP: Images encoded as bitmap files.
    Pictures/PNG: Images encoded

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  8. Fetch The Target
    Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/10
    Version: 1.4.2
    License: Freeware
    File Size: 110.61 KB

    If you play video games on a regular basis, game files can grow quite large. Surely, programs such as WinMFS and the freeFile SystemWizard might come in handy in such a case. In order to save some space however, you can compress or remove certain parts of a file, so

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  9. MetroTouch Video to Flash is a very well made video encoding app that aims to make converting.FLV formats to HTML easy for you. Every.FLV to HTML converter needs a frame by frame conversion option in order to quality-wise encode the output video. MetroTouch Video to Flash does not let you down.
    Scan for errors
    As it’s clear from the name, MetroTouch Video to Flash is in the business of removing errors from existing files. It does a good job

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  10. Who this app is for:
    TkDiff is ideal for those:
    * Lacking knowledge of text processing.
    * That prefer a simple, GUI-driven, Windows tool that is quite fast and easy to use
    Technical information:
    TkDiff was developed using the Tk8.6 framework, tested
    with VCL9 and built with MinGW
    TkDiff has been tested with both Windows
    versions that are stable and more or less:namespace Microsoft

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  11. After all, it’s not a desktop app, but rather a browser-based application and its purpose is to store data, mainly inside a webpage.
    Visually it might be attractive, but this is just the case of its basic version, not the most secure version which asks you to purchase one of the commercial subscriptions for basic, excel and office 365.
    Features Database Oasis:
    A do-it-yourself option
    A fun design
    Advanced data export (only

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  12. Small but powerful program for systems health monitoring
    Greenchoice WinStore v1.0.1.7
    Greenchoice WinStore is a small-sized program for monitoring computer health in Windows 7/8/10. It can be used as a stand-alone tool, however, the program can be also be used as a plug-in for Microsoft Security Essentials, Microsoft Superfecher and Microsoft System Center and most importantly, it can record any suspicious traffic that


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  13. With the first option, you select the number of hours, minutes and seconds to power off and set a specific time. When the scheduled time is triggered, the system performs a forced shutdown. It stops all the applications, shows you a warning, and shuts off the system. A similar option also exists for the countdown timer function. It allows you to select the number of days and hours to power off your system. When the desired time is triggered, the software shuts down the computer. The countdown

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