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  1. I use firefox and some nights at 12:00 exactly or 12:30 exactly, firefox stops working and does not load a page. The internet connection is perfectly fine though because it says excellent. I am connected to a home router and the signal strength is always excellent. I do not know why this happens at exactly 12:00 or 12:30 on my desktop time but it’s a pain. I’ve tried ”ping”ing and everything looks fine..

  2. dbForge Data Pump for SQL Server also includes data export presets. Those are essentially abstractions of predefined templates, so to speak, that users can modify to suit their specific needs. A developer can also modify them to provide more features, too. Moreover, extracting information from SQL Server databases is as simple as moving the mouse, thanks to the built-in wizards. The process begins with the creation of filters and then the command line executes a CRUD operation on the selected data. Users can

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  4. Type II Total War: Shambhala not working […]

    One of the biggest and best adventures of the Jackson’s dynasty is coming!
    The saga of the series from the creators of the best video games of all time is about to enter its 19th chapter. On 24th of May, there will be another wave of free Jackson’s story, very much like the previous and the second One of the biggest and best adventures of the Jackson’s dynasty is

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  5. As a result, my phone passed the magnetic field, which is really weird, I think there must be something wrong with my phone.
    -yes it happened when i was using the front camera, like there was a finger on it
    -it didn’t happen if the back camera was in use
    -it happened when i was using an app, and it hadn’t been triggered since
    Now the text is unintelligible and i don’t want to share any video. It should

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  6. SQLServerMail.NET Objects
    DataSage Software
    You can now develop your SQLServerMail.NET Objects compatible.NET applications that make use of your SQL Server email instead of EWS, MDB, etc.
    The tool comprises a set of reference assemblies from either the SQL Server provider for Exchange (.NET Framework version 2.0 or later), or for AD (.NET Framework version 3.5 or later). This means that SQL Server Mail.NET Objects is

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  7. Even so, there are some elements of the program that may need a little of improvement before it reaches great expectations.

    Game Translator is a tool that allows you to decode almost every element of the game without the need to stop for the minutes it takes to do it on your own. Plus, it allows the user to add more information if they have discovered something previously not present and it can be done without even needing a programming license. It is a tool that even beginners can be accustomed to

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  8. More Details »

    HWMonitor is a third party application designed to monitor hardware inventory on Windows systems. Since it works without installation, it requires no user interaction. The main advantage of HWMonitor is its relative light weight.
    The information collected by HWMonitor are:
    – CPU temperature
    – Fan and system temperatures
    – HDD temperature
    – Audio card’s temperature (blue power leds off/on)


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  9. From the main screen, you can paste the content you want in your file, then just use the arrow buttons to move the cursor where you want the content to be put. Click the pound ( ) icon to get started.
    Wrapping things up
    Swift Select Tag Generator is a simple, but versatile application suitable for those looking for a basic HTML editor to edit select section on their sites.

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  10. PDF Stacks will automatically save your PDF collection so you can find it later and quickly catch up on your work.
    Key Features:
    * Search. Search all PDFs for any word, phrase or topic.* Browse. Use the bookmarks, lists and smart groups feature to explore your entire library by category, year, author or organization.* Organize. Drag and drop PDFs into smart collections that automatically add digital bookmarks and ”sharing” links to your PDF file.* Tag

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  11. The browser-spy is a simple webserver listening on port 3380. It shows the request a browser sends to a webserver. The protocol for this is http/tcp/ip.
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    Configuration options include


    Configuration options include

    * name

    * name

    * protected

    * protected

    * port

    * port


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  12. System Requirements:
    Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP
    CPU : Pentium-III 500MHz 32Bit
    RAM : 128 MB
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    Italian /Italiano /Italiano /Italian
    German /Deutsch /Deutsch
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    French /Français /Français
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